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We are Agrawal Papad Pvt. Ltd. India's leading manufacturers in Papads and Instant mixes.
We are known for High quality and impeccable taste since 1962.



The journey began with ‘Papad’, serving the needs of the mass carving for ‘the dadi maa taste.’ The adds-ons such as various instant Mixes etc joined the wagon later due to the needs of products which are non seasonal and can be produced round the year.

The business has expanded ITS WINGS IN MANY STATES LIKE Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Karnataka, Haryana , Bihar, Punjab, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Jharkhand, Tamilnadu, Uttarakhand, Assam, Orissa, West Bengal, Delhi, and even abroad to countries Like New Zealand, USA, UAE & AUSTRALIA.


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  • To make a soft dough use milk in place of water. Make Gulab Jamun balls with soft hands so that it will not break into pane. GULAB JAMUN

  • There are different kinds of chutnies such as Imli ki Chutney, hari chutney and tomato ketchup. These chutnies can be served with Khaman.  Chopping of green chilies on Ready Khaman makes it ...KHAMAN

  • Use a butter knife to remove the idli. Serve them with Sambhar or Chutney  To make crispy idli cut it in to four  pieces and deep fry it and sprinkle  chaat masala on it. IDLI



Gold Sada Square


Your menu is incomplete without inclusion of Gold star sada papad with its unique and lass spicy taste of cumin ...

Khatta Mitha Chana Papad Square


The unique flavor introduced by the company itself gives it a feeling of elevation as it is one of the ...

Gold Sada Punjabi Square


Aromatic cumin seeds, black seeds, chowsaji and high quality pulses presnt a crunchy and tasty black lentil papad that is ...

  • We like your Moong Bhajiya instant mix very much. I want to send it to my daughter in USA. Where can I get it in Gurgaon or Delhi or Bhopal RAKESH JAIN

  • I tested your papad here in USA which were brough from India by my co-worker. It was the best mouth watering papad I ever had. Do your product come to USA as ...G K Patel

  • I tried your khaman dhokla it was amazing. This encouraged me to buy idli mix.Its texture was so good that it could beat sagar rattna idli .Keep it up and introduce dosa ...meenakshidutt


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